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Is your sales team telling or selling?

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from Sandler Training East Bay

Dec 14, 2018 11:00 AM Pacific Time

WEBINAR: The High Cost of A Bad Sales Hire

I have worked with many locally owned businesses and I have helped them with Sales, Sales Management and Sales Hiring issues. The single largest frustration my clients have had over the years is hiring sales people. In fact, studies have shown that a bad sales hire can cost a company 5 times the hires first year salary. Good news these bad hires can be avoided.

Every salesperson you interview can look good for a 2 hour interview. So how do you discover their weaknesses? In most cases, it takes nearly a full year to identify, fire and replace a bad sales hire. Wasting your time, your energy and thousands of dollars, to simply repeat the cycle, will not fix the issue.

If you have had enough and are no longer willing to hire sales duds, watch this webinar and learn how Sandler Training can help you make a great hire!

The fundamentals of the Sandler Selling System online via live webinar

Foundations for Sales Mastery

Are you struggling to reach your sales goals?

Are you tired of being shopped for price comparisons?

Are you frustrated from generating proposals that don't close?

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