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One common misconception about AI coaching is that people prefer human coaches over chatbots.

However, research shows that many individuals prefer talking to a chatbot when it comes to mental health issues.

According to studies conducted by Oracle and independent researchers, three out of four people would rather speak to a chatbot about their mental health than their manager, and two out of three would prefer a chatbot over their general physician.

Tune in to this episode to discover the benefits of AI coaching in unlocking your full potential with Meg Price, co-founder and director of Noa Coach. Find out how AI can provide guidance and support in your personal and professional growth.

Key Topics & Timestamps

  • 0:01:16 - The Development and Need for AI Coaching Solutions
  • 0:04:13 - Advantages of AI Coaching Like Accessibility and Misconceptions About Lack of Human Connection
  • 0:06:11 - Having an Open Attitude to Get the Most Out of AI Coaching
  • 0:06:57 - Appropriate Uses of AI Versus Human Coaching
  • 0:10:06 - Importance of Identifying Problems for AI to Address Properly
  • 0:11:13 - Overview of Features Like AI Coaching, Challenges, and Access to Human Coaches
  • 0:13:54 - How Conversing With an AI Coach Can Help Destress and Improve Wellbeing
  • 0:15:46 - How Challenges Help Build Healthy Habits Over Time

Key Takeaways

  • Research shows that people are often more comfortable talking to a chatbot about mental health issues than to a manager or physician.
  • AI coaching can help individuals get out of a stressed state and reconnect with their thinking and creativity.
  • Success is defined by a combination of curiosity and contentment.



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