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As summer approaches, most people look forward to relaxing on the beach and going on vacation. However, for salespeople, it can bring a drop in income because of the myth of the Eleventh Commandment. Many salespeople, whether they realize it or not, act as if there is an Eleventh Commandment that reads “Thou Shalt Not Expect Anything Significant to Happen urine the Summer, In as much as Thy Clients and Prospects Are Likely On Vacation, Preparing for Vacation, or Returning From Vacation. Fortunately, this so-called “Eleventh Commandment doesn’t exist, here are some types to avoid seeing an income drop in these “slow months”.

Invest in Commitments:

Salespeople often fall behind on their yearly goals during summer because they make half-hearted commitments to themselves. Take full responsibility for identifying the actions necessary to support your income goals during the summer. Adjust your plan to account for potential challenges, such as people being on vacation. Set new daily activity goals and commit to them, even if it means increasing your dialing or prospecting efforts. Avoid falling into the trap of reducing your activity levels based on the notion that July and August don't count.

Focus on Giving:

Focus on giving rather than on “being compensated”. Spend your extra time on your existing clients. Conduct semi-annual reviews of key accounts and look for ways to improve your business relationships. You can also look at client satisfaction and address any concerns. Unselfishly giving to others creates a deficit that nature will fill, by contributing to your customers' needs, you increase the likelihood of them reciprocating.

Do Your Homework:

Look through your company's records and identify active buyers. Don't assume that all clients slow down on purchases during the summer. Find people who maintain or even increase their buying activity. Make it a priority to call them.

Look for Possibilities:

Don’t look at roadblocks, but rather for paths over, around, or through them. Oftentimes, you will find a road that will lead you to new opportunities. During summer, for example, call leads that may have been overlooked previously or didn't fit the "low-hanging fruit" category. These leads might require more effort or a little more research, but they can yield valuable business relationships. Taking action and finding these leads will put you farther ahead than if you had done nothing.

Develop a Sense of Urgency:

While some of your competitors still adhere to the limiting belief of the Eleventh Commandment, not all of them do. Realize that others will also realize that these “slow months” are actually opportunities in disguise. Commit to reaching decision-makers before your competitors!


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