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Consistent and disciplined use of sales processes continues to be a challenge for many sales organizations.

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Successful sales organizations need to develop more effective methods designed to secure and retain top sales talent.

The use of a Sales Process is increasing but can still be improved.

What is your sales process and how does your organizational structure map to it?

  • What key measures are you using to track sales effectiveness?
  • Know you can do better but don’t know how to get to the next level?
  • Do you want to drive sales by increasing sales funnel or increase close-ratio?
  • Do you want to drive sales by increasing sales funnel or increase close-ratio?
  • Are current levels of missed quotas still too high?


You need to assess the current level of sales support in the organization.


Use the Sales Effectiveness | Sales Acceleration Survey to benchmark and collect data for sales team effectiveness. You will be able to discover your strengths and weaknesses and be proactive with improving your sales process.


  • Determines how to better support sales
  • Helps to brainstorm ideas for improvement
  • Increases alignment between sales & marketing
  • Rates support of sales activities & training

A mix of organization practices and behavioral changes are required to stay competitive

Do your sales organization performance metrics measure relative effectiveness of the sales organization in key areas including sales growth, sources of sales growth, quota achievement and turnover?

Jeff has made a definite impact on our team since we started.

Our business development team, head of client services, and I train one morning a week in a classroom setting with other companies and each of us receives one hour of one on one training per week to review pipeline issues, Sandler Best practices, and how to get to a yes on more deals. We've doubled our backlog and the coaching is very helpful. Very few people have internal formal sales training programs these days. I see it on LinkedIn every day. Everyone needs training and coaching. Even Tom Brady has two coaches plus his head coach. Money spent with Jeff has an ROI and we are there in a few short months we will continue to hone our craft for the benefit of Manex, and the client.

Don't just show up and throw up. Show up prepared to deliver a mutual benefit.

Gene Russell,
CEO, Manex