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The Future of Sales: Personalized, Predictive and Customer-Centric

Have you ever wondered what it takes to design a customer-focused sales process that delivers?

Emily Reggia, Sandler's enterprise marketing manager, joins us at Inbound to share her expertise and insights on keeping the customer at the heart of our business. She unravels how understanding your customer's journey can lead to a more personalized and effective marketing strategy. The conversation goes deeper into how tools like HubSpot have been instrumental in Sandler's success by ensuring the right leads land in the right place.

In an age where AI dominates conversations, how do you keep the human touch alive?

Emily discloses how to add that personal element to AI-generated messages. She also sheds light on how predictive AI can provide more comprehensive insights into customers and how platforms like 6Sense can contribute to that. The discussion goes into the specifics of using AI for personalized messaging and sales forecasting and reveals how the partnership with DealIQ can help predict outcomes.

So, if you're striving to make your sales and marketing strategies customer-centric, this episode is packed with valuable insights that can drive your efforts. Join us as Emily provides a masterclass on designing a customer-focused inbound marketing process.

Key Topics & Timestamps

00:00:14 - Designing a Customer-Focused Sales Process

  • Emily explains how HubSpot's features help customize conversations with leads, emphasizing customer journeys and value-adding materials.

00:05:55 - Improving Website Conversations and AI Tools

  • We discuss customer journeys, website conversations, chatbots, phone numbers, event-based activities, and human support.

00:13:51 - AI for Personalized Messaging and Sales Forecasting

  • AI-generated messages, Six Sense, Deal IQ, Podio, and customer insights are discussed to add a human touch.



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