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Customer Relationships

Step into a world of insights with Bob Bolak, a seasoned networking expert, and explore the keys to thriving in the trade show arena.

Join us on this journey to event success and discover how structured approaches, two-hour time limits, and social proof can transform your networking game. 

From forging connections that defy the limits of the transaction to infuse every interaction with the magic of storytelling, Will Guidara unravels the threads of thought that have woven his path to success.

As a construction business owner, you need a solid sales strategy that enables you to cultivate enduring relationships with your customers. In this episode, we'll discover the key solution to achieving sustained success in your sales efforts - fostering long-term client partnerships.

In today's ever changing business landscape staying ahead of the curve is important. This is no less true with AI which is revolutionizing the sales world. The capabilities of AI-powered tools are transforming how sales teams operate by automating crucial tasks, streamlining processes, and enabling sales representatives to free up bandwidth and be more productive. Find out what AI can do for you from automating lead generation to customer support.

In today’s world countless distractions are pulling your potential clients every which way. Personalized messaging is an effective way to cut through the noise and grab a potential client’s attention. AI can help achieve this through analysis of information, the construction of a client profile, and then write personalized messages to be used by a sales rep. Through effective, specific, tailoring of messages you will be able to grab a client’s attention and properly convey your message to them despite everything going on around them.

To overcome the fear of asking questions, try starting your sentences with some of the most basic question words. Try using some of these...

Making buyer-focused conversations happen consistently takes practice. Why? Well, unfortunately, we often fall into the trap of making the conversation about us, our stuff, and our company’s track record. The fact is, we’re hard-wired to do that, for the simple reason that we’re human beings.

The goal of creating a better buying experience is to make it easier for people to buy. In this podcast, we will discuss the importance of follow-up after an initial discovery call or demo, and how sales reps can use tools like Qwilr to progress conversations.

As a salesperson, it is important to be aware of the risks that buyers face when purchasing a property. In this video, we discuss some of the best practices you can implement in order to reduce the risk for your buyers.