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Mandie Sheets

Mandie Sheets

I have worked with Jeff through his sales training class the past 4 months. Jeff truly cared about my and my classmates success. He is extremely informative and has had a big impact on my sales career as he has helped me make a few big decisions regarding my career with his expert advice. His class was extremely engaging and gave me the opportunity to develop and finesse my selling skills in a room where all participants work in diverse industries and are at all different levels. He also was able to give me insight on myself regarding my personality strengths and weaknesses; professionally and personally. I am a better sales professional than when I started his class and will continue to grow using the sales tools he taught me.

Brooke Briseno

Brooke Briseno

I had the pleasure of participating in Jeff's sales training class this past year. It was clear that Jeff truly cares about his client's success and is passionate about what he does. His class was extremely engaging and gave participants the opportunity to develop and polish their personal selling styles. Jeff can take a room full of diverse business professionals, at all levels, and create an open environment that encourages growth. I firmly believe that I am a better sales professional after participating in Jeff's Sandler Training class.

Manex 2

Gene Russell, CEO, Manex

Jeff has made a definite impact on our team since we started. Our business development team, head of client services and myself train one morning a week in a classroom setting with other companies and each of us receives one hour of one on one training per week to review pipeline issues, Sandler Best practices and how to get to a yes on more deals. We’ve doubled our back log and the coaching is very helpful. Very few people have internal formal sales training programs these days. I see it on LinkedIn everyday. Everyone needs training and coaching. Even Tom Brady has two coaches plus his head coach. Money spent with Jeff has an ROI and we are there in a few short months and we will continue to hone our craft for the benefit of Manex, and the client. Don’t just show up and throw up. Show up prepared to deliver a mutual benefit.

George Chao

Jeff's Sandler training is one of the best sales training I have went through. Learned a lot of techniques and able to apply to daily sales activities. The training is very interactive and he uses real examples to help us understand. Take the class with a team and practice among each other is the best way to do it. That's what we have done in the past year and all of us learned a lot and increased our sales.

Aaron Jelovic

I was lucky enough to start Sandler Training during my first year as a sales rep. Taking Jeff’s class gave me the confidence and the skills needed to be successful in sales. Not only is the course informative and engaging, but it’s also challenging and forces you to confront your own weaknesses. If you learn and implement the Sandler rules and ideas you will never have to "sell" anyone.

Michael Shabaka

As a Sales Director and Sandler Student for 12 months, the Sandler program has made a positive impact on my business and I would highly recommend Jeff and the Sandler program to any sales professional looking to take their business development skills to the next level.

Bill Browne 2

Bill Browne

Jeff is an excellent trainer. I have never had any real formal sales training, so going through the Sandler process with Jeff was really good for me. I learned not to spill my candy to fast (give away benefits) and how to work to address clients needs and then ask for the close. Different approach that I had done in the past. I also appreciated greatly the one on one meetings with Jeff as he was able to help me overcome some old habits that I had. He would be a good coach for your team.

Matt Tolar

Received Sandler Training from Jeff for my first BDR role in Software. He is super personable, and spends time to learn your individual struggles, even in a group environment. I'd recommend to any new sales trainee.

Todd Blaschka

We are a technology startup and employed Jeff and Sandler Training for the team. It's been an effective program over the last few months where the team is sharpening their tools, gathered new insights to improve our sales process (it's a complex sale) and it has become a way of talking in the company. We plan to continue to engage in the training.

Lauren Iraeta

Jeff teaches sales for the 21st century. He teaches new practices using tested result-driven sales tactics that produce results. The class is not only effective but he makes it fun and interesting. If you take his class and use his techniques then you will increase your sales.

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